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The safety of your family is our top priority!

Car seat service

Add a Child Seat

Many parents' main concern when traveling with a limo service is their child's safety. You shouldn't have to worry about the possibility of putting your family's well-being in the hands of a stranger when you step into a vehicle. That's why SafeRide Transport offers car service with car seats for every limousine and luxury SUV in our fleet. We ease that parental concern by offering child seats for both infants and toddlers upon request. We are proven to be one of the safest, most reliable limo services in Los Angeles time after time. With a child seats and baby seats in L.A., you can rest assured knowing that your kid's safety is taken care of. Book a booster or baby seat today!

SafeRide Transport's limo service has experienced drivers available day or night to service you and your loved ones in Los Angeles. Customers can request child seats over the phone, or even online with their real-time reservation system. SafeRide Transport has made it simple for a customer to request a car with a baby seat at any time of day. A car seat in Los Angeles will be waiting for you on your next trip.

SafeRide Baby Seats

SafeRide offers a number of child seats options in Los Angeles. Pick the right seat for your little one:

  • Infant Seats
  • Toddler Seats
  • Booster Seats

Having your child safely buckled up with a child seat is a plus when riding around in congested Los Angeles City traffic. We are parents ourselves and know how important the safety of our children is to us all. Our drivers are hardworking individuals who, at the end of the day, come home to their own loving family. Your family's safety is our priority. SafeRide Transport tries to raise its standards by servicing the customer the best way possible, and giving them the safest and most comfortable ride around. Reserve an Lax car seat for all your child transportation needs. And remember our car seats in Los Angeles is not just for safety, it's the law.

California Vehicle Code

The law requires mandatory child safety seating for all passengers under the age of 8 and/or under 40 lbs in weight. According to California law, children under age of 8 must be properly secured in the back seat of vehicle in an appropriate restraint system . All children under 2 must be in a rear-facing child restraint system unless they weigh more than 40 pounds or are more than 40 inches tall. Kids who are under the 8, but are taller than 4′ 9″ can use a safety belt in the back seat.

Benefits of SafeRide for Families

Our booster seats are the type service that you simply can't always get with a taxi or ride share (Uber or Lyft), making SafeRide your best choice for a family car service in Los Angeles. Traveling with SafeRide is more than just about child seats. We provide the safest, most convenient transportation for you and your little ones. Our drivers use safe vehicles and drive with your family's concern in mind. You don't have to worry about your child getting car sick to LAX. Perfect for trips to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farms, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and amusement parks and family destinations throughout California. Unlike taxis and shared ride services, a SafeRide car service treats you like one of the family.

For more about child seats, reserve online or call - 1-888-852-7433.